Dignity and Empathy

Key elements of persuasion

Groups / Teams

  • Build a trusting client relationship that informs the emotional connection of story

  • Help the audience listen and believe the information expressed consistent with their own beliefs

  • Earn trust and empower selected individuals

  • Convey a memorable structure simply and intentionally

  • Create interest and intrigue for your audience

  • Master physical skills, including connecting through your eyes, mirroring, raising or lowering status, illustrating with movement, voice impact through volume, rate, pitch, tone and inflection.

 Leaders / Managers

Storytelling is the essential human activity.

The harder the situation, the more essential it is.

Tim O'Brien, author

The Things They Carried

Effective storytelling matters in all stages of a criminal proceedings - from mitigation collection, investigation, plead negotiations through sentencing. Working with Matthew privately or in a workshop setting, participants learn the mechanics of effective story construction, the specifics of building around the theme you are trying to convey and have the opportunity to apply the skills to an actual case.

Work with a client to fin the best way to drive + tell your story to persuade.

Work with your client to best explain their background, put it in a context of seeking justice.

How you tell your client's story matters. 

Help clients to find the words to make the people in power to understand their path they've walked. Empathize, visualize, being .......along the path

Empathy. Discover empathy for their journey. thy've been on that journey. Compassion that have brought them to this crossroads in their life. 

Dignity - through their story - shape the narrative.

Snapshot - but you have to show them them the whole photo album

Moments - Facebook has moments

Distill critical moments of the life of your client, explain in a compelling way that taps into the humanity in one's life. 

Share their experiences - decision maker through the lens of empathy and dignity

Inciting incident.

Outcomes / Learning Objectives

articulate their experiences in a way that lands in the heart of the decision maker (prosecutors or judges or jurors)

Key decision points with better clarity

fiind the langauge to verbalize their emotions


Walk this thrugh this story. Walk the clients through their own journey so that they can better verbalize their expeirences.

Moments of Reflection


Converts the facts into compassionate narrative that's relatable to the audience.