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Shawna Geiger
Training Director
Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel

"Matthew Taylor has truly woven the art of storytelling into the fabric of legal persuasion. Matthew’s workshops have created fundamental shifts in the way my lawyers are communicating about cases and clients."

A Classroom Lecture

Christina Cecil

Assistant Director, Human Resources

Colorado Community College System

"Matthew’s session, tailored to leading change, received outstanding reviews from the audience of HR leaders and professionals. We found ourselves talking amongst ourselves through the rest of the conference about how we use stories to persuade others. We were fortunate to have had Matthew at our conference!"

Alan Carpenter
National Speakers Association

Thank you for your presentation. Your comment about turning data into stories caught my attention. As a scientist I’m recovering from a lifetime of data, data, data.

Thanks to your presentation it finally dawned on me that I can recast numbers and graphs as stories.

Brooke MacMillan
Literary Arts Director
Center for the Arts

Matthew Taylor is a gem of a human being who has a genuine and centered approach to guiding people through the art of storytelling, leadership practices, and how best to effectively connect with a target audience.

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